Archimedes’ Ships Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

craft and create your own ship… and sail it across the seven seas!


blocks and items

ship marker

the ship marker is the main block to create ships. it looks like a steering wheel, but it acts like a seat. right click the block to create a ship out of connected blocks and mount it. see features:ship for information about the ship blocks.

crafting recipe:

archimedes' ships mod

measurement gauges

this block currently contains two functional gauges. one gauge always points to the north, the other indicates the speed of the ship it is attached to. a whole circle equals 80 kilometres per hour.

it will look like this:

archimedes' ships mod

crafting recipe:

archimedes' ships mod


the floater only has real functionality when advanced floating physics is enabled in the configuration file. it is simply a very lightweight block, that gives ships the ability to float.

crafting recipe:

archimedes' ships mod


this block does not have a function yet.

crafting recipe:

archimedes' ships mod


compile a ship

to create a ship, simply build it as you build everything in minecraft. then it needs a ship marker, which is the main block of the ship and your seat at the same time.

once you right click the block, the ship you created will convert into a moveable chunk and you will mount it. all blocks connected to the ship marker will become part of your ship. however, the ship will never be larger than 16*16*16 blocks and none of the following blocks will be considered part of the ship:

  • dirt
  • grass
  • sand
  • gravel
  • clay
  • ice
  • water
  • lava
  • snow
  • water lily
  • netherrack
  • soul sand

also consider that tile entities will work, but are not saved to disk. so watch out with storing items in ship chests/furnaces/etc..

unmounting the ship again will decompile the mobile chunk into normal world blocks, after the ship has been aligned to the world axis. now you can edit and mount the ship again.

make sure you don’t build or unmount the ship too near to your buildings, or (parts of) your buildings may connect to the ship when mounting it.

sail a ship

the ship can be steered like the vanilla minecraft boat. although it will act slowly, its maximum velocity is much higher and by constantly sailing the same direction, you will keep gaining momentum. by sneaking the ship will quickly come to a full stop. ships will never break when you hit something.

command a ship

  • /as or /ashelp or /as?
    lists all archimedes’ ships mod commands.
  • /asinfo
    shows information about the ship you’re currently sailing.
  • /asdismount [overwrite]
    dismount the current ship, even when it can not decompile. if the “overwrite
    ” parameter is added, the ship will decompile anyways and overwrite existing world blocks in the process if any.
  • /asalign
    aligns the currently sailing ship to the world grid, without rejoining with the world. useful for parking your ship.
  • /asdestroy [range]
    destroys the nearest ship in a given range. if the range is not indicated, a range of 16 blocks is used.
  • /asreloadmeta
    reloads all metarotation files in the .minecraft/config/archimedesships/ folder.

archimedes' ships mod


  • download and install minecraft forge
  • download archimedes’ ships mod
  • put archimedes’ ships mod zip file into your %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/ folder. do not unzip it.
  • edit the configuration file for custom block and item ids and other settings. (.minecraft/config/archimedesshipsmod.cfg)
  • done



  • added airships, including a functionality for balloons.
  • added the possibility to build ships larger than 16*16*16 blocks.
  • added a functionality for floaters, making ships floating less deep.
  • added brake control to the control scheme, ‘c’ by default.
  • added the up and down controls to the control scheme, respectively ‘x’ and ‘z’ by default.
  • added bed meta rotations.
  • added an option to the config file to change the turn speed.
  • added the blocks ids to the config file which can be overwritten by a decompiling ship.
  • added an option to the config file to change the synchronization rate of ships between server and client.
  • added an option to the config file to determine if the player should remount the ship if decompilation failed.
  • added more options to the config file along with the new airship features.
  • added extended gauges, showing height and vertical velocity beside the standard gauges.
  • changed the look of the compass gauge.
  • made gauges not render pointers when player is further than 16 blocks far.
  • decreased base turn speed.
  • made ships turn more smoothly.
  • player will not get inside an opaque block anymore when mounted on a ship.
  • improved performace, especially for large ships.
  • fixed ships gaining huge vertical momentum when in a waterfall or lavafall.
  • fixed blocks from other mods that act as air blocks not being added to the ship.
  • fixed certain blocks dropping as items on rejoining with the world, like beds, doors, torches and ladders.

for 1.6.2

for 1.5.2

credits: balkondeuralpha